Bridal jewellery and wedding hair accessories handmade just for you...

Hello and welcome to Sarah Kavanagh Bridal. Here you'll find a collection of beautiful handmade wedding jewellery and wedding hair accessories using the finest freshwater pearls, dazzling Swarovski crystals and natural gemstones. 

We have a fantastic collection of pearl wedding jewellery, as well as beautiful crystal and diamante embellished bridal hair accessories and sparkling wedding earrings fit to dazzle any dance floor. Each piece of jewellery is handmade at my studio in Cheltenham, England, finished to the highest standard and packaged in a beautiful gift box. I pride myself in offering you the best in wedding jewellery including necklacesbraceletsearringsbridal headdresses and wedding hair accessories to suit your wedding day style.


Latest news from in and out of the studio

May Birthstone - Emeralds

May 14, 2015

Nothing says glamour quite like the opulent Emerald with its deep rich green setting it apart from any other birthstone. Cut in a variety of ways the most classic is the traditional long faceted‘Emerald Cut’designed to accentuate its colour over brilliance.

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April birthstone - diamonds

April 12, 2015

You lucky things you. As birthstones go April is not a bad month - your birthstone is a diamond.

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